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Samsung Service Centre Pune-9828351620, 9587565374

Air conditioner, AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave Service Repair Center - 09828351602 , 9828541640

Welcome to Samsung Service Center Pune

Call@7240157216,7240157217, 7240157218, 7240157219, 7733939011, 7733939022, 9828351602, 9828351620, 9461224899, 9461204899, 9828541640, 9828541652 , 7073064402, 7073064403, 9587565361 ,9587565374, 9672954346, 9672954331

Pune Service centre for (7240157216, 7240157217) in India is one of the leading Company for all Electronic goods like Home appliance, Laptops Cctv camera, Mobile phones, Laptop repairs, Data recovery, It is a big Service provider company based in Pune . We offer all kind of repair& Services for all consumer home products like Air conditioners Samsung Refrigerators Fridge , microwave ovens, Samsung washing machines, Geyser and Water heaters ,water purifiers ro systems, cctv camera& security System etc. we provide Services for all major brands such as Whirlpool , Samsung, IFB, Samsung, Samsung, Godrej, Samsung, Videocon, Electrolux, Sansui, TCL , Haier, Samsung, Carrier, Daikin, O General, Onida, Panasonic, Samsung, Kent, eureka forbes, etc.The company has a team of qualified and experienced Field Engineers, highly Technical, efficient coordination executives who are always available at your Services promptly. Our mobile unit of Service technicians are trained and kept current on the latest appliances and are well dressed They are equipped with appropriate diagnostic and repair tools, and in-house technical support. The mobile unit is complemented and supported by our shop technicians and a professional team of Customer Service Representatives. Service requests are responded to within 24 hours and our in-house technical support attempt to pre-diagnose faults in an attempt to satisfy the customer in a single trip. Our technicians are prepared to Service almost all major brands of gas and electric home appliances whatever the age or condition. They enjoying serving others and are equipped with the appropriate tools and people skills required to give you V.I.P. Service every time. Our goal is to exceed customer's expectations in the appliance repair industry. In these tough economic times we take pride in providing all of our customers with affordable and reliable Service.If you are looking Service or Repair at your home or business, we work with you to schedule a Service call that's as quick and convenient as possible. Once your Service call is scheduled, we'll be at your front door on time and ready to work. This is not Samsung authorised Service Centre Pune. Our repair Service centre is fully private multi brand repair Service Center. We collect feedback from our customers through customer satisfaction surveys as appropriate to the characteristics of each business operation, and incorporate their voices into improving product development, marketing strategies, and Services. We believe in having a responsibility to provide not only a Service in repairing your appliance, but providing you with the knowledge and information on how to get optimum performance from your unit, whilst keeping our planet in mind, saving both you and the environment in power and repair cost.

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  • Air conditioner repair Service Center Pune:

We Service and repair all types of Air conditioners of all brands after sales and out of warranty. Our Service engineers are well trained and experienced for these types of work. So if you having any problem with your electronics product please contact us. We repair and Service all product of all brands like Samsung, Sony, Samsung, HP, Nokia, Whirlpool, Daikin, Apple, Electrolux, Samsung, Lanovo, Toshiba, Dell and many countless brands. We Service and repair all types of TV. Airconditioner, Samsung Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Samsung washing machine, Home theaters, Laptops,Tablets,Vacuum cleaners, Smartphones, printers, Camers, cctv cameras and many other countless products.

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Samsung Washing machine Models in Pune

WA65M4201HD, WA65T4560NS, WA10T5260BV, WA90T5260BY, WA65T4262NS, WA65M4001HA, WA70T4560VS, WA65T4262FS, WA65T4262VS, WA65N4261SS, WA60M4101HY, WA70T4262BS WA65M4206HV, WA65T4262BS, WA65T4262GS, WA65A4022FS, WA65A4022NS, WA75A4022FF, WA65A4002GS, WD10N641R2X, WD90K6410OX, WD80J6410AS, WA70A4022FS, WA75T4560FM, WA11J5751SP, WA65N4571VV, WA65N4561SS, WA75N4571VV, WA75N4571FE, WA65N4571FM WA70N4261SS, WA70N4561SS, WA70N4261FF, WT80R4200LG, WT717QPNDMW, WT85R4200RR, WW91K54E0UX, WW70K54E0YW, WW71J42G0KW, WW71J42E0BX, WW81J54E0IW, WW66R20GLMW, WW81J44G0IW, WW81J54E0BX, WW10N641RBX, W70J42G0BW, WW71J42E0KW, WA65N4261FF, WA16N6781CV, WA70N4571LE, WT80R4000RG, WT85R4200LL, WT665QPNDRP, WT70M3000HP, WT70M3200HL, WA70T4262GS, WA75M4501HP, WA65T4262GG, WA75T4560BM, WT85R4000LL, WW71J42E0IW, WW65R20GLSW, WW81J44E0BW, WT667QPNDPG, WA65M4101HY, WW66R22EK0S, WW61R20GLMW, WW66R22EK0X, WW61R20EKMW, WW66R22EKSW, WW61R20EK0S, WW60R20EK0S, WT65R2000HL, WW60R20GLMW, WW60R20EKMW, WW65R22EKSW, W65R22EK0X, WW65R22EK0S, WA75N4570FE, WA70N4570LE, WT72M3200HL, WW70J42E0BX, WW70J42E0IW, WW80J44E0BW, WW70J42E0KW, WW80J44G0IW WW80J54E0BX, WW90K54E0UX, WW80K54E0WW, W70J42G0KW, WA62N4422BS, WA65N4420NS, WA70N4420BS, WT72M3000HP, WT75M3200HL, WT72M3200HB, WT82M4000HL, WT85M4200HL, WT75M3000HP, WT80M4200HL, WA70N4422VS, WW65M206L0W, WW80J4243MW, WA75M4000HP, WA65M4100HY, WA62M4100HY, WA60M4100HY WA60M4300HD, WA75M4500HP, WA65M4300HA, WA62M4300HP, WA65M4200HD, WA65M4205HV, WA65M4500HP, WA65N4260SS, WA16N6780CV, WA70N4560SS WA65N4260FF, WA70M4010HL, WA65N4560SS, WA65N4570FM, WA70N4260FF, WA75N4570VV WA70N4260SS, WA65N4570VV, WA11J5750SP, WT80M4000HR, WT82M4200HR, WR24M9960KV, WA70M4300HP, WA70M4000HP, WA65M4000HA, WA65M4010HL, WA65M4020HP, WA65M4400HV, WA70M4020HP, WA70M4400HV, WA75M4010HL, WA75M4020HP, WA75M4400HV, WT707QPNDMW, WT725QPNDMP, WT657QPNDPG, WT655QPNDRP, WT727QPNDMW, WD70M4443JS, WA90J5710SG, WA75K4400HA/TL, WA65K4200HA, WA70H4300HP WA70K4020HL, WA70K4400HA, WA75K4000HP, WA75K4020HP/TL, WA65K4020HL, WA65K4400HA, WA70K4000HP, WA62K4000HD, WA62K4200HB, WA65K4000HA, WA60H4100HY, WA65H4020HL, WA70H4020HP, WA90J5730SS, WD70M4443JW, WA80E5LEC, WA62H4000HD, WA62H4200HB, WA65H4000HA, WA75H4000HP, WA75H4010HP

Samsung Refrigerator Model Number in Pune

RT42T5C5EDX -407L, RT42T5C38S9 -407L, RT39T5C3EDX -386L, RT39T5C38S9 -386L, RS74T5F01B4 -657L, RR22T3Y2YR8 -212L, RR20T182YCU -192L, RR22T387XU8 -212L, RR22T385XR8 -212L, RR24T285YCR -230L, RR22T3Y2YU8 -212L, RR26T373YU8 -255L, RR24T275YCU -230L, RR26T389YDX -255L, RR26T389YU8 -255L, RR26T373YR8 -255L, RR26T373YDX -255L ,RR24T282YDX -230L, RR22T383XCU -212L, RR22T383YU8 -212L, RR22T3Y2YS8 -212L, RR24T287YCU -230L, RR24T285Y6U -230L, RR26T389YR8 -255L, RR22T383XRU -212, RR24T282YS8 -230L, RR22T383XCB -212L, RR22T383YR8 -212L, RR24T275YCR -230L, RR24T285Y6R -230L, RR22T383XCR -212L, RR20T272YR8 -192L, RR20T182YB8 -192L, RR20T282YR8 -192L, RR22R375XNV -212L, RR20T182YU8 -192L, RR20T282YU8 -192L, RR20T182YR8 -192L, RR20T272YU8 -192L, RR20T282YB8 -192L, RR20T272YB8 -192L, RR21T2H2YCU -198L, RR20T172YR8 -192L, RR20T172YU8 -192L, RR21T2H2YCR -198L, RR19T1Y1BU2 -192L, RR19T2Y1BU2 -192L, RR19T1Z2BR2 -192L, RR19T1Z2BU2 -192L, RR19T2Y1BR2 -192L, RR19T2Z2BR2 -192L, RR19T2Y1BD2 -192L, RR19T1Y1BR2 -192L, RR19T2Z2BU2 -192L, RR20T172YB8 -192L, RR22T285XCR -212L, RR22T285XCB -212L, RR22T285YR8 -212L, RR22T285YU8 -212L, RR22T285XCU -212L, RR22T272XDU -212L, RR22T382XR8 -212L, RR22T2Y2YR8 -212L, RR22T282YDX -212L, RR22T2Y2YS8 -212L, RR22T2Y2YU8 -212L, RR22T372XNV -212L, RR22T372XDU -212L, RR22T272YS8 -212L, RR22T372XCR -212L, RR22T372XCU -212L, RR22T385XUV -212L, RR22T385XRV -212L, RR21T2G2W9U -198L, RR20T2Y2YS8 -192L, RR20T1Y1YSE -192L, RR20T1Y1YRH -192L, RR20T182Y6U -192L, RR20T172YS8 -192L, RR20T1Z2YU2 -192L, RR20T182XCU -192L, RR20T2Y2YSE -192L, RR20T282YUT -192L, RR20T1Y2XUT -192L, RR20T1Z2XS8 -192L, RR20T182YUT -192L, RR21T2H2XUV -198L, RR21T2H2XCR -198L, RT34T46326W -314L, RR21T2H2XCU -198L, RR21T2H2XNV -198L, RT30T3A23UT -265L, RT28T3C23NV -244L, RR19T271BU2 -192L, RR19T241BS8 -192L, RR19T2Z2B6U -192L, RR19T282BR8 -192L, RR19T11CBSE -192L, RR19T2Y1B6U -192L, RT28T3C23UV -244L, RT28T3A336W -244L, RR21T2G2XRV -198L, RR21T2G2XUV -198L, RT28T3522DU -244L, RR21T2G2XCR -198L, RR21T2G2XCU -198L, RT28T3822S8 -253L, RR21T2G2XUT -198, RR21T2G2X9U -198L, RT28T3122S9 -253L, RR21T2H2YDX -198L, RT28T31429U -253L, RR21T2G2YDX -198L, RT28T3122UT -253L, RT49R633ESL -478L, RT47R625EDX -465L, RT42R553ES9 -415L, RT42R555EBS -415L, RT39R553EBS -394L, RR26T389YUT -255L, RT39T551ES8 -394L, RT39T50382C -394L, RT37T4533S8 -345L, RT37T4533S9 -345L, RT37T4513S8 -345L, RT34T4533S9 -324L, RT34T4513S8 -324L, RT34T4522S8 -324L, RT34T4542DX -324L, RT34T4542S9 -324L, RR21T2H2WCU -198L, RT30T37534U -275L, RT30T3722S8 -275L, RT28T3743S8 -253L, RT28T3753UV -253L, RT28T3782UT -253L, RT28T3783SL -253L, RT28T3953CR -253L, RT28T3953CU -253L, RT28T3722DX -253L, RT28T3932CU -253L, RT30T3454S8 -275L, RT30T3422UT -275L, RT30T3443S9 -275L, RT30T3082UT -272L, RT28T3453S9 -253L, RT28T3042S8 -253L, RT28T3032U8 -253L, RT28T3032R8 -253L, RT28T3022SE -253L, RT28T3483S8 -253L, RT28T3032SE -253L, RR22R383ZCU -212l, RR22N385XR8 -215l, RR22N287YU8 -212l, RR20R182ZCU- 192l, RT39R5588DX -392L, RT49R6738DX -476L, RT42R5588DX -413L, RR19J20C3SE -192l, RR20R1Z2ZR2 -192, RR20R182ZCR -192l, RR20N1Y2ZS8 -192l, RS74R53012A -676l, RS72R50112C -700l, RR19R11C2MR -192l, RR19N2Z22U2 1 -192l, RS72R5001M9 -700L, RR24R285ZCU -230l, RR20R172ZCR -192l, RR20R182XCU -192l, RR22R373YCU 1 -212l, RR20R182XU8 1 -192l, RR20R282ZCR -192l, RR20R1Y2YS8 -192L, RT28R3744SL -253L, RR19R10C2SE -192l, RR19R2Y22U2 -192l, RS74R5101SL -676l, RS73R5561SL - 689l, RR22R285ZCU -212l, RR19R111ZUZ -192l, RR19R20C1RH -192l, RT28R3053U8 -253L, RT34R5538NV -324L, RR22M272ZS8 -212l, RR26N373ZR8 -255l, RS62K60A7SL -Plus 674L, RT39M553ESL -394L, RT47M623ESL -465L, RF50K5910SL -594L, RF28N9780SG -810L, RR22M2Y2ZS8 -212l, RR24N287YU8 -230l, RR26N389YU8 -255l, RR20N172YR8 -192l, RR20N182YU8 -192l, RR20N2Y2ZS8 -192l, RS55K52A01J -604l, RR19N1Z22R2 1 -192l, RT28N3722R3 -253L, RT28N3923U8 -253L, RT34M5538S8 -324L, RR19N1112RZ 1 -192l, RR19N2Y12MU 1 -192l, RR19N2Y22D2 1 -192l, RR20N2Y1ZSE -192l, RR22N383ZBS -212l, RR19N2112UZ 1 -192l, RS55K50A02C -604l, RF56K9040DP -655 L, RS62K6007FG –Plus 674l, RR20M282ZR2 1 -192l, RT42M553ESL -415L, RR22M274YR2 1 -212l, RR20M1Z2XBS 1 -192l, RR20M172ZR2 1 -192l, RR20M172YR3 1 -192l, RT39M5538S9 -394L, RT39M5538S8 -394L, RT28M3022S8 -253L, RS58K6417SL -636l, RF60J9090SL -693L, RT65K7058BS -670L, RT47K6238UT -465L, RT49K6758S9 -476L, RT54K6558SL -523L, RT56K6378SL -551L, RH80H8130WZ FSR -868 L, RH77H90507H FSR -765 L

Samsung Microwave Oven Model Number in Pune

MC28M6036CK, MC28H5013AK, MS23F300EEK, MC28M6036CC, MC32K7056CC, MC32J7035CT, CE73JD-B, CE78JDM, CE76JD-M, MG23K3515AK, MC28M6055CK, MS23J5133AG, MS23K3513AK, MC28M6035CK, MC28H5025VK, MC28H5025VP, MC28M6036CB, MC32K7056QT, MC32K7056CK, MC32K7056CB, CE77JD-QB, MC28H5025QB, CE77JD-CS, CE76JD, MC28H5033CK, CE76JD-B, MC28H5025VL, CE1041DSB2, CE77JD-S, MC28H5025VF, CE1041DFB2, CE77JD-SB, CE117PC-B2, MC28H5025VB, MC28H5145VK, MC35J8055CK, MC28H5025VS, MC28H5023AK, MC35J8055QT, MC35J8085PT, MC28H5015VS, MS23F301TAK

Samsung AC Model Number in Pune


Samsung TV Model Number in Pune

T4340, T5500, 32T4750, T4700, T4550, 43T5770, 32TE40F, T4500, TUE60, TE40A, TE50A, Q950T, Q60T, TU7200, TU8000, Q800T, TU8570, Q95T, T5770, TU8200, Q80T, Q70T, T4310, T5310, T4350, T5350, T4010, T4050, RU8000, R4500, N5200, Q900R, RU7470, RU7100, Q90R, Q80R, Q70R, Q60R, N5470, N4200, NU6100, N4310, N5300, NU7090, N4003, N5005, N5000, NU8000, NU7100, N4100, N4300, N5100, Q8C, Q7F, N5370

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Samsung Service Center in Pune

Samsung Service Center in Kalyani Nagar, Kothrud, Aundh, Viman Nagar, Balewadi, Swargate, Yerawada, Katraj, Kasba Peth, Bhosari, Chinchwad, Hadapsar, Warje, Vadgaon Budruk, Shivajinagar, Lohegaon, Akurdi, Ala, Alandi Devachi, Alandi Khed, Alandi Road, Ambegaon BK, Anandnagar, Ane, Aundh Road, Balaji Nagar, Baner, Baner Road, Belha, Bhandarkar Road, Bhavani Peth, Bhawani Peth Road, Bhor, Bhosari, Bibvewadi, Bopodi, Budhwar Peth, Bund Garden Road, Camp, Chakan, Chikhali, Chinchwad East, Chinchwadgaon, Dapodi, AC repair and service center in Dattawadi, Daund, Deccan Gymkhana,Dehu Road, Dhankawadi, Dhayari, Dhole Patil Road, Erandwana, Fatima Nagar, Fergusson College Road, Ganesh Peth, Ganeshkhind, Ghorpade Peth, Ghorpuri, Gokhale Nagar, Gultekdi, Guruwar Peth, Hadapsar, Hadapsar Indl Estate, Haveli, Hingane Khurd, Hingne Khurd, Hinjewadi, Indrayani Darshan Dehu Road, Jangali Maharaj Road, Junnar, Kalewadi,, Kalyani Nagar, Karve Nagar, Karve Road, Kasarwadi, Khadaki, Khadki, Kharadi, Khed, Kondhwa, Kondhwa Budruk, Kondhwa Khurd, Koregaon Park, Koregaon Park Road 1, Law College Road, Samsung Service Center in Laxmi Road, Lonavala, Loni Kalbhor, Lulla Nagar, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mangalwar Peth, Manik Baug, Market Yard, Model Colony, Mukund Nagar, Mundhawa , Nagar Road, Nana Peth, Narayan Peth, Narayangaon, Navi Peth, Nigdi, Padmavati, Parvati, Pashan, Paud Road, Phursungi, Pimpri, Pirangut, Prabhat Road, Pune Railway Station, Rasta Peth, Raviwar Peth, Sadashiv Peth, Sahakar Nagar, Salunke Vihar, Sanghavi, Sasoon Road, Satara Road, Senapati Bapat Marg, Shaniwar Peth, Shivaji Nagar, Shukrawar Peth, Sinhagad, Sinhagad Road, Somwar Peth, Talegaon Dabhade, Thergaon, Tilak Road, Uruli, Vadgaon Sheri, Vishrantwadi, Wagholi, Wakad, Wakadewadi, Wanowarie, Wanowri, Wanworie, Armament, Bhosarigaon, Dighi Camp, Ex Servicemen Colony, I.A.T. Pune, Khadakwasla, Mundhwa, Navsahyadri, Pimpri Colony, Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune City, Pune, Range Hill, Shivaji Housing Society, S.P. College, Secondary School Certificate, Wadgaon Budruk, Wanawadi, Warje Malwadi